World of Warcraft Gold

Gold for MMORPGS


Gold farming is playing a MMORPG to acquire in-game currency, e.g. gold. This is then usually sold, against the wishes of the game's operator, to other players.People in China and in other developing nations have held full-time employment as gold farmers. More information from MMO-Champion and World of Warcraft universe.

While game operators expressly ban the practice of selling in-game currency for real-world cash,gold farming is lucrative because it takes advantage ofeconomic inequalityand the fact that much time is needed to earn in-game

currency.Rich,developed countryplayers, wishing to save many hours of playing time, may be willing to pay what amounts to substantial sums to thedeveloping countrygold farmers.

Law, regulation and taxation

Awakening to the idea that virtual goods can have real value, some governments have taken action in this area. More information from financial advisor.


In 2006 a spokesperson for the Australian Government stated normal earned income rules also apply to income from the sale of virtual goods.


The Chinese State banned using Virtual Currency to buy real-world items in 2009 but not the reverse.


In response to increases in gold farming, in 2006 the Japanese Government urged the industry to self-regulate as well as vowing to investigate this species of fraud.


A Korean high court's 2014 ruling means that exchanging virtual currency for real money is legal in the country, although subject to taxation.


A US Congressional committee investigated taxation of virtual assets and incomes in 2006, and the Internal Revenue Service has, in its National Taxpayer Advocate's 2008 Annual Report to Congress, expressed concern that virtual worlds are a growing source of tax noncompliance.